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Train-the-Trainer Certification program – Basic (Certified Trainer)

Train-the-Trainer Certification program – Basic (Certified Trainer)


1. Facilitation skills,
2. Facing and managing group presentations , enhancing confidence
3. Probing and content delivery techniques, handling questions.


Classroom Presentations with appropriate videos, images, etc.
Question/answers, case studies, experience sharing by Faculty & Participants.


Average start salaries of Trainers is around Rs. 4,58,000 PA (Source: Glassdoor.co.in).
Freelance Trainers generate approximately Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 business per month.

About the program:

This one-day, online program imbibes hygiene in training delivery. It helps the Trainer differentiate between “teaching” and “training” . The needs of today’s learner has changed they have rejected the concept of one-way communication. The key skill needed for delivering training sessions in today’s time is called as Facilitation. Dr. Albert Mehrabian’s says that 58% of communication is body language. This course introduces and makes the Participants practice the key nuances of body language to ensure that training sessions are able to pass the message across seamlessly. Knowing these rules will increase the confidence to address not a group of learners but larger audiences as well. Public speaking becomes second nature . The course comes with a Trainers’ Guide which has all the content of the Basic course. Strategic advantages:

1. Get a Trainers job quickly – The course will cover aspects related to the success of a training program. This will lead to a superior hit rate at Trainer-job related or promotions related interviews. So their time to go to market is cut down – which helps Participants get jobs faster. This applies ditto for aspirants who are seeking for promotion as a Trainer.

2. Effective Training delivery – The program will introduce the Participants to skills which help them manage their body language with confidence. Techniques to manage body language, questioning and delivering content will result into superior delivery of training sessions.

3. Enhancing training confidence – A Trainer is generally found wanting when Participants start questioning. Some of the Participants are also tough to handle. This course will imbibe easy ways to handle difficult situations during a Training session. This will culminate into boosting the Trainers confidence, regardless of the situation.

How to take the course?

Participants will get a link in their email or on their Whatsapp. They need to click on the link and the class will begin. Classes can be taken from laptops, cellphones as well as on normal computers.