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Interview Presentation skills (Story-telling)

Train-the-Trainer Certification program – Intermediate (Digital Trainer)

Do you want the focus lights to be flashed on you in the middle of the crowd called job market? Well, your brand is what differentiates you in this market place. Let’s see how important it is these days. Last few years have seen a drastic fall in the annual increments. This trend is likely to continue. Customers want more benefits from products and services at lesser prices. Margins are falling. Take the example of mobile phone bills. Mobile phone services’ are charging less than half of what they were charging just a couple of years back. So the revenues are dropping consistently. This is forcing the organizations worldwide, to look for smarter options for managing their workforce. Companies are also seeking more value from their employees at a lower salary bill. Employees are now challenged more than ever before to deliver more for less. Under such a situation, it is going to get harder and more challenging to get promotions. Only good performance and networking alone is not going to fetch promotions anymore. This course will help Employees to make a compelling business case for a promotion. Communication in English which enhances your personal brand significantly is the need of the hour. It is the key in the digital age to create differentiation at the workplace. How do we do that? This course with a blend of good content, videos and activities will help to make you stand-out. This byte size learning helps you to take this course at your own pace from the convenience of your own PC.